Coronavirus (Upper Respiratory) Immune Support

This regimen is for parents & grandparents, especially if you have cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, hypertension, diabeties, autoimmune disorders, asthma, or cancer. The Coronovirus is more severe in these in these individuals because their antioxidants and Glutathione levels are typically low, thus making it harder for their immune systems to fight off viruses.

This list of supplements can drastically help eliminate oxidative stress--which is the most dangerous part of the virus.

Consider picking Vitamin A, Vitamin D and one of the Glutathione applications.

For dosing & more information about how to protect yourself from the virus, look up Dr. Ben Lynch on Instagram or find his immune booster protocol that he has published in several areas. His Instagram videos fully explain this immune boosting protocol. He is known as the leading expert in understanding how our genes predispose us for various illnesses/struggles and how we can best support them so we don't get sick.

Good Glutathione Options:

(Choose if you want to take a pill, liquid, or patch)

Vitamin A Options

Vitamin A is often best absorbed in the micellized form. When buying it in this form, it is easy to dose for your whole family. I suggest going to Dr. Ben Lynch's Instargram page and using his dosing for the whole family. These supplements go out of stock regularly, so if these are not available, see the "Blends" section below to find other options.

Vitamin D with K Options:


The following options are a little more cost-effective and still great options. Patchmd also has a Glutathione and Anti-Viral patch that I am haven't been able to link on this page. Perhaps you can google search them if you are interested in those options.

Books on Dosing

Don't let the titles intimidate you. I have found all the dosing in these books to be incredibly helpful for quirky kids and adults. The first book is my favorite for kids. The second two are for teens and adults.

Search for articles or testimonials I've posted about these products by searching our Quirky Kid's Hub FB page!


Raising a quirky kid can elevate our cortisol levels, disrupt our hormones, and slug up our organs which can all escalate our responses to our kids and make us feel like we are surviving life. Here are my favorite "quick" helps that can make you feel better fast.

Priority Help For Parents

Due to the current condition of the environment, high stress levels, and over-use of antibiotics, studies are showing that most people need supplementation with 1.) Omega 3 fish oil, 2.) Vitamin D, 3.) Probiotic or Prebiotic. If I have listed multiple versions of a certain type, it is so you can see the various ways you can take this supplement.

Hormonal Health For Parents

Maca products are by far my favorite and there is a lot of research that has been done using these the supplements listed. Check their website for details. You can even call their board certified doctors for a short consult. The BioRay products are fabulous at detoxing specific organs that benefit hormonal health, and Inositol is an all around great (and potentially life-changing) supplement.

Mental Health + Calm + Focus + Flexibility

Search for articles or testimonials I've posted about these products by searching our Quirky Kid's Hub FB page


Priority Supplements Needed For Most People

Due to the current condition of the environment, studies are showing that most people need supplementation with 1.) Omega 3 fish oil, 2.) Vitamin D, 3.) Probiotic or Prebiotic. I have listed several third-party tested brands that kids and parents tolerate well.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Fish oil can stimulates the brain, reduce hyperactivity, increase ability to focus and think clearly, reduce inflammation, improve gut health and strengthen immune systems.

Vitamin D w/K

Vitamin D absorbs better with K. It is often recommended to have your pediatrician run simple labwork to determine what dosage you need. Vitamin D can: 1.) strengthen immune systems 2.) improve energy, 3.) clean out bad pathogens from the body, and 4.) improve bone health.


General recommendations often suggest 7-11 strains of bacteria, and 15-30 billion CFU's for 2+ years old 25-50 billion for adults.

1.) Probiotics help to balance behavior and brain chemistry, 2.) Rid body of bad pathogens and old infections, 3.) Essential for overall health.

TIP: Probiotics can get expensive. Here are some thoughts. You can consume them in fermented foods (if you don't have Candida), or through supplementation with good quality brands-(take at night.) Or, you can take a prebiotic like Inulin to feed the good bacteria in your body which is a cost-effective option. Dr. Nemchek has suggested dosing for inulin.

Immune Boosters

Healing the Gut

The following are great supplements to address digestive issues in kids and adults. If you or your child have had 3 or more antibiotic treatments in your lifetime, or have chronic behavior, learning issues or anxiety issues, you may benefit from a 3-month gut-reset using these products. You may want to choose a product that best meets your needs in each category depending on the symptoms.

Restoring Nutrient Levels

If your child has digestive issues, Leaky Gut, selective diets, known nutrient deficiencies and/or a diagnosis that predisposes them for deficiencies (most disorders), the following supplements have been extremely beneficial.

"Allergy Kid" and Reducing Inflammation Support

If you have a child who is sensitive to many foods and their environment, you can often feel like you are in an every day battle with inflammation. Here are some supports that I lean on regularly to control histamine and inflammatory responses.

Get Rid of Constipation

A good place to start would be to choose one of these options

Overcoming Candida and other Recurring Infections

Natural (and powerful) antibiotics, anti-fungal, anti-microbial that are often used to address Candida and/or recurring infections (strep, ear infections, staph, etc.)

Many times it is suggested that parents use the appropriate infection fighter, something to destroy the biofilms that embed the infection (Biocidin), and a binder to "mop up" the bad pathogens and get them out of the body fast before they recirculate.

Effective Infection Fighters

Binders that "mop up" the what the natural antibiotics are attacking:

Biofilm Destroyer

(Biofilms are common reasons infections continue to come back--think of cement-like gunk in pipes that trap bad pathogens)

Help with Anxiety + Unbalanced Brains + Depression

My Favorite Sensory Accommodations

Sneaking More Protein Into Your Kid's Diet