4 thieves that rob your child's ability--This is a GOOD STARTING PLACE

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An improved quality of life for your child and your family that lasts a lifetime is what we are after!

When I finally figured out how to address all 4 underlying issues at the same time, I was officially undiagnosed with ADHD and properly diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

After finding the right kind of professional guidance to help me overcome my genes that predispose me for these prison sentences, I was able to supplement my body with 2 over-the-counter supplements that I was chronically deficient in.

My freedom from lifelong anxiety and depression happen the day after I took these supplements. In what felt like an instant, 30-something years of struggle turned off like a light switch.

Now, years later, I manage my stress and tipping point of anxiety with vitamins and amino acids (GABA) and...


After going through our program, children often get redefined. Some lose labels, some gain more accurate ones that enable them to understand their needs better, and some redefine what their diagnosis CAN do.

Either way, what we are after is a better quality of life for your child, and your family!

Quirky kids tend to stay quirky, you don't have to navigate this alone!

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**I added this short video in here that we used to use in the Quirky Kid System. I think it really helps parents understand the mentality shift that goes from a general parenting mindset to a problem solving one.

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