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Hi! I'm Marisa

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Your child most likely doesn't lack the

ability to do better.

Their brain and their body simply

can't do better...yet.

This is where Quirky Kids comes in.

I help parents discover their child's unique root causes for their behavior or learning concerns, and then I walk them through a simplified process to address them.


We find the abilities locked inside your child no matter what label or challenge they have.

His underlying issues were causing symptoms of autism.

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The answers you have been searching for

are just a few clicks away.

"We felt very lost about what to do for our son who was totally out of control. We were getting nowhere with doctor suggestions and his behavior towards his siblings was becoming violent. We were desperate and were actually having to consider a boarding school so we could protect our other children. Within 2 days of starting Marisa's nutrition plan, my son's behavior started to dramatically change. It has now been one year after starting her program and he is now our easiest kid."

- Krysti Miles, Amazing mom of 5

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